Thanks for the info Craig

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NEMRC is a 32-bit application.  In the past we have not supported 64-bit 
operating systems due to the need for emulation modes.   Our web site 
always outlines our recommendations for new computers and operating 
systems, and it is recommended practice that you check with all your 
software and hardware manufacturers prior to purchase of new systems for 

We have done testing with 64 bit operating systems and are happy to say 
that 64 bit Windows 7 will work with NEMRC, but we continue to prefer 32 
bit operating systems.  Our prior recommendation is that if you have 
64-bit Windows 7, that you run NEMRC in XP mode, only available in 
Windows 7 Pro.  At this point, XP mode is an option and a fine one, but 
not required in either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows.

We have yet to update our website with this information, but I wanted to 
contribute to the conversation.  I expect to have the website updated 

Craig Donnan
Systems Administrator

On 12/10/2010 3:29 PM, TownClerk Guildhall wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Has anyone bought a new computer recently that requires NEMRC?  If so, 
> what operating system did you use?  Have you run 64-bit systems with 
> NEMRC?  Have you run Windows System 7 without an XP Pro downgrade, in, 
> for example, an XP mode?
> Thanks!
> Sam
> Guildhall T.C.



Craig Donnan
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