Someone needs to put the issue on the ballot.  Normally a person connected with the ownership would make that request:  suppose the exemption was for a building donated to a day-care center.  It seems to me that either the operator or the property owner could request the Select Board to place the exemption as an article on the warning.  If the Select Board demurred, the property owner would need to gather signatures.  We had a Masonic lodge in Eden which had never been described in the Grand List.  During reappraisal, we discovered the omission.  The Lodge was inactive, and no Master could be found.  So the Listers proposed an article to exempt for 5 years, giving the Grand Lodge some time to take such legal action as they needed to properly dispose of the property -- which they did, and the building is now on the tax roll.  Pending inclusion on the Grand List is a wonderful spur for inactive non-profits to get off their duff.
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Hi all,


We have two voter approved property tax exemptions that are coming to the end of their 5 year approval and will need to go before the voters again in March, 2011.  This is the first time Iím dealing with this issue.  Do they need to petition to be included on the ballot?  Request placement from the Council?  Council does it on its own?


Any advice would be appreciated!


Happy holidays, all.


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