As you may have heard, I resigned earlier this month, effective 1/1/11.  I can give a hundred examples of the loss of checks and balances within a town when the clerk is appointed and not elected.  In fact, this is precisely why I resigned.  Had I been an elected clerk/treasurer, instead of appointed supervisor (clerk/treasurer/tax collector etc)  many, if not all of the issues I had with the board would not have been issues .  Specifically when the clerk or treasurer needs to say "NO" to the board for whatever reason, or the board gets a crossed hair or panties in a bunch about something the clerk/treasurer (or supervisor in my case) has done (like remind them of public meeting laws), the clerk has no safety from dismissal if they are appointed by that same board.  One example would be the board says "write a check" or disburse funds, when you do not have the paperwork in your hands to do that.  Or perhaps the board tells you to start a new bank account, when all you need is a new line in your chart of accounts when tracking a grant.  One thing after another I can give example of the loss of checks and balance.  In fact, I'm sure there are more than one appointed clerks or treasurers out there who may have been told, as I was - that I better do what I'm told because I'm appointed and not elected.   The board began to micromanage everything I did, for example creating an office policy document dictating everyday activities, however no one ever came to my office to ask or observe how things are currently done.  In addition, one of the board members actually called the VSP wanting to charge me with harassment in Sept. for having my attorney write a letter to the board reminding them they need to act as a board and not as individuals when making requests of me.  Then she denied calling the police during open meeting at which time I produced a copy of the report.  Oh it's been a fun and kwazy  2010 up here in the boonies. 


My position is that I had a contract and the board unilaterally changed the terms of that contract after it was signed in September.  I am still researching legal remedies at this time. 


Someday I hope/WILL to be able speak more and write about what all happened up here, and I surely hope VMCTA or VLCT takes notes because it just isn't right and could have been avoided.  No other clerk or treasurer or supervisor should have to go through what I did.   I loved my job, loved the people I interacted with daily, but all it took was one board member with "issues" to make me reconsider my career.  It just wasn't worth it any more, dealing with lies and ignorance.  And since I've made that decision to leave, even though it was painful, I'm feeling so much better about myself and life in general.  The money just wasn't worth it, and no matter how hard I tried or did an excellent job there was going to be no happy ending for me.  Time to move on!  Research "mobbing in the workplace", which is related to bullying, and that's the diagnosis I put on this situation since last March. 


Anyway, sorry for the length of this, but I can tell you positively absolutely there is loss of checks and balances when the clerk/treasurer is appointed by a board and has to answer to that same board instead of the taxpayers. 


Goodbye all, happy New Year!


Jennifer Hanlon

Former UTG Supervisor


Reposted on VMTA because I thought other clerks might find this dicussion pertinent.





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What sort of checks and balances?


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It doesn’t seem there is any check and balance – the result of apathy, maybe?


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Where is the check and balance with an appointed clerk?


Lisa Roque
Assistant Town Clerk
St. Albans Town
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In the City of Rutland, the Charter provides for the Clerk to be appointed by the mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen


Wendy L. Wilton

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Can a town with a Charter choose to have the Town Clerk appointed by the manager or selectboard rather than be elected?

If the answer is yes, which town (s) have done this.

Marianne in Windsor