Thanks to you all for really helpful answers to my question! I was
pleased to hear a number of repeats, as well as several e-mails
recommending only a few titles (which means I may not have to spend a
fortune). I'd rather purchase one of the EBSCO products, for the search
platform - but might not be able to, just yet. Below are the responses
I've received.  
Thanks again. What a great group this is!

Individually I find the Journal of Healthcare Management helpful as well
as Modern Healthcare, Trustee, Hospitals & Health Networks, &
Healthleaders.  Just to name a few!  

You can get a list here - - searching in PubMed
you can use the "Search" pull down box to select Journals and search
jsubseth (journal/citation subset list is here -

You can check out EBSCO's Health Care Administration collection for some
other journal possibilities -

We have a few periodicals that address these things, but I hesitate to
call them "journals" -- more like trade publications.  These include
Modern Healthcare (might be free online?), Outpatient Surgery, OR
Manager, Healthcare Purchasing News, Health Facilities Management, and
Healthcare Financial Management.  We also have a periodical called
Health Affairs; that one is more like a journal.

Modern Healthcare is flashier, shorter, and full of advertisements.
Health Affairs is devoted to its articles, like most health journals.
Health Affairs looks deeper, Modern Healthcare is up on the most current

Modern Healthcare (
	Medical Economics (
	Trustee (

AHCMedia and HCPro are publishers who issue numerous (and, alas,
expensive!) newsletters that do this sort of thing.  They do a lot of
that "here's how Hospital X increased its throughput" - usually
staff-written, not particularly research-based, short... but people seem
to like them.  It still frosts me how much they charge ($300-$500/yr)
for monthly 12-page issues, and their online layouts / search engines
are beyond terrible.  But they're an oddball little thing outside the
usual journal lit that do cover this stuff.  Good luck.

If you look at my libguide on healthservices administration and look at
the tabs on articles and journals this should help you a lot.

Journal for healthcare quality
Joint Commission journal for quality and patient safety

Health Business Elite is wonderful. We have it as an Ebsco product, it
is fairly easy to search and they have a pretty robust collection. We
went through some downsizing in 2008 and it served the allied health
professionals, nursing and medical staff well to explain and understand
what was going on. Our nursing staff uses it when they are working on
their Master's programs, our financial folks reference it and even legal
takes a look from time to time. One stop shop, easy to use, saves me
time and money. Love it.

Health Affairs is a popular journal that covers many of the areas you
are looking for. We subscribe to Health Business full-text from EBSCO
that has both business and medical journals.

My Medical Staff like "Medical Economics" and "Journal of Medical
Practice Management."

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