Charles, I used to voice the same questions.  However, I have tried numerous
times to get loansome doc set up and other channels but with no success.  We
are a new University and usually go weeks or months without needing
anything.  In the old days requesting ILLs was frowned upon on Medlib but in
recent years that's almost all there is on the list.  Believe me, if I had
alternatives that did not take days and weeks I would not be bothering the
list.  As for "perhaps there would be more willingness,"  folks on Medlib
have been most helpful and I almost always have a response within hours and
certainly within a day or two.

If you have a "magic pill" to solve our problem, I am all ears.  In the
meantime, I am also trying and will try harder to locate things locally.
There is no ILL network in this region as in the West.  At leat not
formally.  Also, we have one of the most comprehensive online collections in
the region so don't have to go outside for 80-85% or more of needs.


On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 3:25 AM, Charles J Greenberg <
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> Hey, Tom-
> There's a sizable silent majority out there (I guess I am silent no longer)
> puzzling over why you need to go outside formal channels like Loansome Doc
> or another network.  If you stated a rational reason up front, perhaps there
> would be more willingness....
> Or is offshore-anything-goes the rule?  Did your Doc Delivery librarian
> quit?
> Just wondering...
> Charlie
> Quoting Tom Williams <[log in to unmask]>:
> Colleagues, we usually go weeks or months without making requests of the
>> list.  For whatever reason, you can't get rid of me this week.
>> I need another article:
>> Tragedy, Ethics and International Relations.  International Relations
>> 2003,
>> vol. 17, 477-495.
>> Please include invoice with article if you require payment.
>> Thanks.
>> Tom
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