Dear Colleagues, 


The consensus is that these codes are for the individual purchasing the
book and not for multiple library users.


In most cases the silver covering over the code is scratched off...a few
libraries file the access number and a couple others responded that they
register the code for the library. Then if requested, they log-in the
user in the library for using the online content of the
book....admittedly, not what users generally want.


One response indicated that if the online content was the full-text
book, then registering it for the library was probably a violation of


The code is blacked out with a ball point pen and/or magic marker until
it is illegible. 

A sticker, metallic label, book plate, or book pocket is placed over the
code area. 


Some libraries then post this information over the scratch-off area:

Access code / Online Access is not available due to licensing


I thank you all for your responses and for your support.





Eileen Vaughn, M.S.L.S.

Beebe School of Nursing
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