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Date: Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 2:53 PM
Subject: EWB-USA International Conference in Louisville, KY- March 24-26

Dear EWB-USA Chapter Executive Board Members†in the Northeast Region,†

Please pass this information to all your†chapter members.

As you know, the EWB-USA 2011 International Conference, in Louisville, KY, March 24-26, is just two months away, and we would love to see you there! Register NOW to get the best registration rates!

Are you one of EWB-USAís 25 closest chapters to Louisville? Click here to find out!

This yearís conference theme is:

Inspirational Engineering:

Empowering Global Communities through Transformative Leadership

There are a number of opportunities for your chapter to showcase how you have empowered the communities you work with.


The EWB-USA 2011 International Conference Charrette Sessions will bring together teams of experts from various disciplines to review projects through a multidisciplinary lens and interactively create scenarios for improved project value where previous challenges prevented successful outcomes.

If your chapter has faced project challenges, send them to us and help improve the EWB-USA project process through an interactive discussion with expert panelists from various disciplines. Click here for more information.

The deadline for charrette submissions is February 2, a little over a week away!


On Saturday, March 26, chapters will have the opportunity to display and present their project posters at the EWB-USA 2011 International Career Fair and Exposition. This is a great chance to highlight your chaptersí hard work as well as see what chapters from other regions are working on. If a chapter is unable to have a representative attend the conference, their poster will still be displayed in the Exhibition Hall. Guidelines for chapter project posters can be found here.

This year, we are also inviting our Regional Leaderís to put together regional posters. These posters will highlight your regional leadership, events and chapters. Regional posters may follow the dimension and positioning guidelines of the chapter project posters.


Chapters in your Region have travelled all over the world on EWB-USA projects, and we want to see where youíve been! Chapters can enter photographs that fall in either the People or Projects category. More information is available here.

The deadline for all poster and photograph submittals is February 18, so hurry!

Once again, donít forget to Register NOW, because rates will go up March 1. Please forward this on to your chapter and get excited to participate in Louisville!

We are looking forward to receiving your submittals, and seeing you in Louisville!


Rosemary Powers
Chapter Relations Manager
Serving the North East Region and State of Ohio
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