I looked into Bomgar originally, but got diverted by the SAA group and the fact that Simplehelp was already deployed, if not up to our security standards at the time.

I couldn't see much of a difference in functionality between the two and Simplehelp is literally $295.00 plus the cost of server support.  Bomgar is much much more expensive and is licensed in a way that makes it more expensive the more we use it.

On 1/21/2011 9:49 AM, John K. Cooley wrote:
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Some of my colleagues from other Extension units around the country have been using  Bomgar appliances.


It is a box that is housed at a central location ( ie: technology park?) and allows any number of simultaneous remote sessions (depending on licensing, of course).  It does not require any prior software installs, and is started with the real time download of a small file on the remote system.  Reboots, reboots in safe mode are supported without loosing the session.  File transfers, running ipconfig, and screen resolution adjustments are supported as well.   I currently use Ultr@VNC via VPN, but it does have its limitations.  I would love to have a Bomgar unit housed on campus that we all could and possibly cost share....


On 1/20/2011 10:59 AM, Rob Ryan wrote:
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CHWB is a mostly-Windows world with offices distributed all over campus. I occasionally have the need to access users' workstations remotely for tech support purposes. But Windows Remote Assistance can be troublesome for some users to initiate and I've encountered repeated frustrations since I moved to Win7. I'm ready to try something else.

Past IT-DISCUSS threads have lead me to try UltraVNC (sluggish) and Teamviewer (which also supports a presentation mode). SimpleHelp is cheaper than Teamviewer but has some features I don't need (customer queueing) and requires some level of server management that I don't really want to spend time on.

Two questions before I go ahead and shell out for Teamviewer:

1. Any other product recommendations?
2. Is ETS is considering a site-wide solution that could be used by all central and distributed support offices? (if so, I might hold off)

Thanks. -Rob


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