I, too, spent the day birding in the Champlain Valley.  I didn't see any
falcons, mockingbirds, or owls, but I did have a group of Longspurs mingling
with a large flock of Horned Larks on Panton Rd at the farm across from
Stove Pipe City Rd (in Panton... or Vergennes, I'm not sure).  Another group
of Horned Larks was present on Little Chicago Rd in Charlotte.  Other
highlights for the day included:

Hundreds of Goldeneye at Charlotte Town Beach, that formed a tight raft
after an adult Bald Eagle made a pass.  Two Horned Grebes and one male
Red-breasted Merganser were also present.  A lone Canada Goose was the only
bird on the water at the end of Adams Ferry Rd in Panton.  A lone Flicker
was seen on Botswick Farm Rd in Shelburne.  A total of 32 species were seen
throughout the day.

A picture of one of the Longspurs is posted at:

Good birding,

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 6:59 PM, Susan Elliott <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Just as we despaired of seeing Lapland Longspurs, we found four in a group
> of 18 Horned Larks on Gage Road in Addison this afternoon. Also on Gage Road
> were one Northern Harrier, one Rough-legged Hawk, and one Red-tailed Hawk,
> and six Eastern Bluebirds.
> Seventy-two more Horned Larks, sans longspurs, were on Nortontown Road.
> Also on Nortontown, two Peregrine Falcons were hunting pigeons.
> The highlight of the day, however, was not the object of our quest, the
> longspurs, but an Eastern Screech-Owl sunning itself in the entrance hole of
> a Wood Duck box along Basin Harbor Road in Ferrisburgh.
> The other highlight of the day was a shrike wannabe, a Northern
> Mockingbird, on Lake St. in Bridport.
> In all we spotted 24 Red-tailed Hawks (various locations), seven
> Rough-legged Hawks (various locations, including one dark morph), and one
> Barred Owl (Leicester).
> All sightings have been dutifully reported to eBird.
> Sue and Marv Elliott, Sue Wetmore, Tracey Busony

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