Yesterday I received a call from a  gentleman named Larry  Gianniti whose family is in the wholesale vegetable packing business in Hartford Conn.Although he  packs out many  things,he packs out cherry and grape tomatoes  under the name with Tasty Tomatoes, and the logo is a  little cherry tomato  man with a top hat. I have actually been known to eat some of these during the winter months,but I would never admit it in public....

He is looking for suppliers. He claims  he cant anywhere near get  a critical mass for  packaging during our growing season from his growers down in Conn.. He packs out for Whole Foods,Stop and Shop and a couple of other chains I didnt catch. He got my name from a newspaper columnist and he spends a lot of time at his second home in Queechee.  He would just like to have a  conversation  with anyone who might be interested in contract growing. I didnt write it down,but I think  he was talking about 15-20,000 lbs a week of cherries and grapes and would be willing to come up here to  get them up.He  washes,grades and packs.  Although he is primairily  trying to secure cherries,he  says he would be interested in other vegetables.  We didnt talk price,and I didnt go into it very deeply,because I figured  we could sit down with him  and hear the whole story from the horses mouth.  We all have been approached by some at one at one time or  another who is prone to blowing smoke,but I think he is pretty serious. If anybody wans to continue  to find out more,e-mail me and I would be willing to coordinate  a meeting with him  for around the 10th of February. I dont believe it is anything we can get involved with here at out farm because we  have a lot of chaos already scheduled for this year, I am throwing it out to whomever might like to meet with him and find out more about it.. 

Let me know

Pooh Sprague