Hello EWB,

Attached are the *February 9th Group Meeting minutes.*

Some highlights to be aware of are:

*-Upcoming Banquet on April 4th at 7pm*. We will be announcing a time and
place to help address and stuff invitations for the Banquet. *Please
submit*any names and addresses of family and friends that you would
like to us to
send an invitation, to [log in to unmask], and start to let your friends and
family know about the excellent event! (more information in the Meeting

-Also, a request has been sent out about helping to *advertise EWB at
Admitted Student days*.

-*Every Tuesday* from  about 12:30-4, Jim and Laura have been* selling
Coffee* in the Votey's Second floor hallway. If you are *free to help sell
coffee* in the mornings on Tuesday, let Jim ([log in to unmask]) know, and we
can give you the details about the supplies and set-up.

*-Membership dues of $5 *are due in the next two meetings for the 2011 year.
Thanks to all who have paid so far!

-At our upcoming meeting, *February 23rd*, we will be discussing the *Oven
project*, and the next steps in building and testing our test oven.

Hope to see you all there!

EWB Secretary, 2010-2011
UVM Student Chapter

Aspire to be useful. -Barack Obama