I did a paper years ago testing patients before and after PTA under Denise
Moulton Levy.. on the same day and you can do a google search, there are
several papers. It is my favorite test to do... My staff would tell me of
early morning cases just to get my in earlier !!!
Decubitus position is the best for all body types. Make sure your aorta
velocity is take above the level of the renals. If the renal artery is
visualized your accuracy is in the high 80's.
Try to walk the doppler in and out of the aorta to the prox renal artery
then you know 98% you have it. Do not use an angle inside the kidney. Do not
be surprised if you find a stenosis inside the kidney,, they do occur.
Google anything Marsha M. *Neumyer*  has written.
This GE site is great for positions and a good resource. Also look in the
flownet archieves. there are several discussions. Keep up the interest, it's
a great means for RAS ... no dye..

try it..

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> I was just wondering if anybody had references for a greater than 60%
> stenosis of the renal arteries.
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