You and every other family in America. Please get off flow net.

Christine Naughton, BS, RVT

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Subject: Re: SVU - Education Seminar @ the HIlton Crystal City
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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 1:47 AM

Dear Mr. Haracznak:

Since you address your email directly to me with copies to "everyone else on Flownet", I will respond in kind. It has been my persistent hope to open a personal line of communication with you and the SVU leadership so that we may discuss constructive steps SVU could take in light of its having booked its event at a hotel where there's an ongoing labor dispute. Instead of accepting my invitation to dialogue, you refused to engage. You now find it "regretful" that I have sought alternative means to communicate. I in turn regret not having had the chance to speak with you personally.

As I understand from your response on Flownet, you think it's okay to dishonor workers' calls for a boycott of their hotel because "there has been no disruption to any meeting being held there, hotel guests continue to arrive and depart without interruption, food and beverage deliveries are made without any problem" and etc. In other words, so long as the meeting isn't disturbed, let them eat cake.

That may be enough for you and it may be enough for some of your members. But other SVU members may feel differently, and should have the right to know that if the decide to stay at the Hilton Crystal City hotel they will be
spending their money at a hotel that refuses to deal fairly with its workers. Some may choose to stay elsewhere; some may choose not to spend money at the hotel; some may choose even not to come. Instead of attacking me, you should afford SVU members the opportunity to learn about our members' struggles and to give them the chance to choose whether to support them in it.

I apologize if I offend some folks' sense of decorum by posting on this listserve. Our members are fighting to keep themselves and their families afloat. We fly their banner without apology.

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