Has anyone seen a popliteal AV fistula from putting in tumescent for an EVLA procedure? We have a patient that has had 2 negative DVT studies from 2 different techs over the past two weeks that the doc went ahead and treated for DVT and the patient is still in pain and the red, swollen leg has not changed. Last week when I scanned her, she had a pulsatile pop vein but it wasn't the same pulsatility as an AV fistula in the CFV from a cardiac procedure. There was no turbulance in the vein and I couldn't find a fistula but because of the pulsatility and no DVT, I thought about a possible fistula. What would a small fistula do to the flow in a pop vein? Would it be the same as in the common or different? The doc that performed the procedure is new and was really going in too deep during the procedure and the whole time I was thinking he was going to hit an artery or cause a fistula. The patient is coming in tomorrow for another follow-up DVT study....any info would be appreciated! Thanks,
Kristy Kirchofer, RVS.
Austin, Tx.

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