Hi all,
Sorry I did not give details about myself.
I am a sonographer for 13 years. I credentialed in RVT 5 years ago. I work at a hospital in California. I work in the imaging department performing vascular and general diagnostic studies. I perform the insufficiency studies, AVF's, Grafts, carotids, etc. We do not perform the ABI's or segmental pressures nor the Peripheral arterials. However I've done these at my prior job. I do have some knowledge of the work done at vascular labs. When I said this is new to us, I meant establishing a dedicated lab is new. The surgeons are quite experienced MDs and one of the newly hired surgeon initiated this whole idea of a lab.
I appreciate every one of your advice and help and I shall keep in regular contact with questions that will arise.
Thank you all.
Taj is an e-name given to myself.

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