Hi, Where are you located? Do you have a peripheral segmental machine. I see
the GE Logic,, great vascular machine. Logic 9 ? Would be happy to help you.
I am in the San Jose area.
I work for 2 different private office vascular groups with all studies and
arterial segmentals.
We have plenty of worksheets as well. Also use flownet.. great group of
Welcome to the area. It is fun..

Denise Levy

cell 408-391-0837
Saratoga, CA
Ultrasound Professional Credentials
Transcranial Doppler
MISS Group, San Jose, CA
Skype denisevascular1

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 4:03 PM, Rajani Motamarri <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>   Hi all,
> Sorry I did not give details about myself.
> I am a sonographer for 13 years. I credentialed in RVT 5 years ago. I work
> at a hospital in California. I work in the imaging department performing
> vascular and general diagnostic studies. I perform the insufficiency
> studies, AVF's, Grafts, carotids, etc. We do not perform the ABI's or
> segmental pressures nor the Peripheral arterials. However I've done these at
> my prior job. I do have some knowledge of the work done at vascular labs.
> When I said this is new to us, I meant establishing a dedicated lab is new.
> The surgeons are quite experienced MDs and one of the newly hired surgeon
> initiated this whole idea of a lab.
> I appreciate every one of your advice and help and I shall keep in regular
> contact with questions that will arise.
> Thank you all.
> Taj is an e-name given to myself.
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