Hi, Mandated
DVT exam first,, I do it supine w head raised, double screen compressed groin to ankle.
Reverse trendelenberg steep, CFV, femoral, pop, calf, gsv and ssv.
Compress gsv and ssv.
Valsalva CFV,, rest of the vns dst aug.
Upper thigh, measure gsv has to be 5 mm or gretaer in 3 places and have 3 sec of reflux.
Check for BK reflux all vessels and look for thigh and calf perforators..
Stand the patient that are borderline size and reflux.
If they are 5 mm with severe reflux why stand them????
That is what I do at 2 private offices and 2 hosp. That I worked at submitted and are ICVAL approv ed
Denise Levy
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