Dear Mr. Haracznak:

Since you address your email directly to me with copies to 
"everyone else on Flownet", I will respond in kind. It has 
been my persistent hope to open a personal line of 
communication with you and the SVU leadership so that we 
may discuss constructive steps SVU could take in light of 
its having booked its event at a hotel where there's an 
ongoing labor dispute. Instead of accepting my invitation 
to dialogue, you refused to engage. You now find it 
"regretful" that I have sought alternative means to 
communicate. I in turn regret not having had the chance to 
speak with you personally.

As I understand from your response on Flownet, you think 
it's okay to dishonor workers' calls for a boycott of 
their hotel because "there has been no disruption to any 
meeting being held there, hotel guests continue to arrive 
and depart without interruption, food and beverage 
deliveries are made without any problem" and etc. In other 
words, so long as the meeting isn't disturbed, let them 
eat cake.

That may be enough for you and it may be enough for some 
of your members. But other SVU members may feel 
differently, and should have the right to know that if the 
decide to stay at the Hilton Crystal City hotel they will 
spending their money at a hotel that refuses to deal 
fairly with its workers. Some may choose to stay 
elsewhere; some may choose not to spend money at the 
hotel; some may choose even not to come. Instead of 
attacking me, you should afford SVU members the 
opportunity to learn about our members' struggles and to 
give them the chance to choose whether to support them in 

I apologize if I offend some folks' sense of decorum by 
posting on this listserve. Our members are fighting to 
keep themselves and their families afloat. We fly their 
banner without apology.

On Sun, 20 Feb 2011 18:47:44 -0500
  Steve Haracznak <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Mr. Ehler and everyone else on Flownet
> This ongoing labor issue is between the Hilton Crystal 
>City hotel and the Unite Here labor union and has been 
>going on for several years. SVU carries NO weight or 
>responsibility in this labor issue. SVU was not aware of 
>this labor dispute when we signed a contract with the 
>Hilton Crystal City Hotel last summer. What Micah does 
>not say is that if SVU withdrew our meeting from the 
>Hilton Crystal City hotel that SVU would have to pay a 
>substantial penalty to the Hilton Crystal City hotel if 
>we cancelled the meeting as we have a signed contract 
>with the Hilton. I don't see Micah or his union offering 
>to pay SVU for our penalty fee if we cancelled our 
>meeting at the hotel.
> I have talked directly with the general manager of the 
>Hilton Crystal City and he assures me that various 
>meetings have been held at the Hilton over the past 
>several years that this labor dispute has been going on 
>and there has been no disruption to any meeting being 
>held there, hotel guests continue to arrive and depart 
>without interuption, food and beverge deliveries are made 
>without any problem, as the union only pickets the hotel 
>about 1 hour a week and well away from the hotel 
>entrance. This is not the only hotel in the DC area that 
>Unite Here is involved in a labor dispute. If SVU did 
>pull our meeting out of the hotel it would have 
>absolutely NO impact on this labor dispute. 
> Mr. Ehler has really stepped over the line of 
>professionalism and legal ethics by taking his labor 
>dispute, which does not involve SVU in any way, to 
>Flownet, which is to be used for vascular ultrasound 
>professional develpment and discussion, and not as a 
>platform for his labor dispute. Mr. Ehler has been so 
>unprofessional that he has even called each of SVU's 
>Board of Directors at work or at home to try and make his 
>point, which I again mention has nothing to do with SVU. 
>SVU's attorney has called and asked Mr. Ehler to call him 
>back, and Mr. Ehler has refused to do so. I have not 
>returned his calls because SVU has no role to play in 
>this labor dispute. SVU is a very small meeting for the 
>hotel. We are just one of many organizations that have 
>met or plan to meet at the Hilton Crystal City hotel. 
>Meetings are being held at the Hilton Crystal City hotel 
>every day without disruption of any form. I might add 
>that his union membes continure to work at the hotel 
>dispute this ongoing labor dispute. Mr. Ehler needs to 
>focus his attention on the Hilton Crystal City Hotel and 
>not SVU or its members via Flownet as I again state that 
>SVU has NO role to play in this labor dispute. I 
>apologize to the Flownet readers that Mr. Ehler felt it 
>necessary to take his labor dispute to the SVU members 
>and other vascular ultrasound professionals who are on 
>Flownet. Doing so was beyond legal professionalism and 
>legal ethics and is regretful.
> Steve Haracznak
> SVU Executive Director
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> Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 3:31 PM
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> Subject: Re: SVU - Education Seminar @ the HIlton 
>Crystal City
> Denise,
> I understand why you see it this way. Unfortunately the
> workers of the Hilton Crystal City and my attempts of
> handling this privately was unsuccessful. SVU leadership
> will not even meet or speak with the workers. SVU 
> to even discuss the boycott and their use of the hotel. 
> is a stressful situation for everyone, the workers who 
> struggling to take care of their families, and SVU now
> being brought to make a decision of, do we stand by our
> ethics and move? Do nothing and wait and see? Do we
> support the workers struggle? Or, do we support the
> company by denouncing the workers attempts of fighting 
> a fair contract?
> The workers and I have been attempting to have a meeting
> with the SVU leadership since October of 2010. The 
> was never given to us to even have this discussion in a
> private setting.
> The reality of the situation is this. SVU has
> unfortunately booked their conference @ a boycotted 
> Boycotts mean rallies, picket lines and other worker
> actions directed at the hotel that customers may find
> disruptive and upsetting. SVU can take the lead and
> support the workers by honoring the boycott. They have
> chosen not too. They can also make sure the conference
> attendees experience is fulfilling by not putting their
> members in a position of potentially having to cross
> picket lines. Unfortunately this has not happened 
> I am always open to ideas of how we as a community can
> work together. I am happy to speak with you more on this
> issue.
> In Solidarity,
> Micah Ehler
> Unite HERE
> 614-746-1145
> On Sun, 20 Feb 2011 12:16:13 -0800
>  Denise Levy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Micah,
>> This seems to me to be a private matter and please keep
>>it that way.
>> Denise Levy
>> cell 408-391-0837
>> Saratoga, CA
>> Ultrasound Professional Credentials
>> Transcranial Doppler
>> MISS Group, San Jose, CA
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>> On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 8:22 AM, Micah Ehler
>><[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Vascular Professional,
>>> The Society for Vascular Ultrasounds 2011 Legislative,
>>>Regulatory &
>>> Reimbursement Issues Conference is being held @ the
>>>Hilton Crystal City this
>>> November 4th – 5th. The workers of the Hilton Crystal
>>>City have called for a
>>> boycott of their own hotel because they have been
>>>without a union contract
>>> since April 2006 and Columbia Sussex Corp., the current
>>>owner and operator
>>> of the Hilton, has implemented changes that have:
>>> -       Increased the cost of health insurance
>>> -       Increased the workload of already-overworked
>>> -       Failed to respect the right of long-term
>>>employees to work
>>> opportunities
>>> -       Eliminated sick days & the union pension plan.
>>> I have been attempting to open a dialogue with the
>>>Executive Director,
>>> Steve Haracznak, and Missy McLean, the Director of
>>>Membership & Meetings, in
>>> hopes SVU would consider honor the workers’ call for a
>>>boycott of their own
>>> hotel.
>>> Instead of taking the lead on this issue, SVU has
>>>responded by saying it
>>> “…will not be able to find alternate meeting space in
>>>any event, even if it
>>> wanted to terminate its contract with the Hilton…”
>>>Because of SVU’s
>>> unacceptable position and apparent lack of action we are
>>>now asking those
>>> who may be attending this conference to not attend if
>>>SVU continues ignoring
>>> the workers’ call for a boycott of their own hotel.
>>> We are also asking for the Vascular Community to contact
>>>Steve Haracznak @
>>> 301-459-7550 and urge him to support the workers of the
>>>Hilton Crystal City
>>> by moving November’s Conference to a location that is
>>>not subject to a labor
>>> dispute.
>>> If you would like more information on this campaign,
>>>please call Micah
>>> Ehler at 614-746-1145 and visit
>>> In Solidarity,
>>> Micah Ehler
>>> Unite HERE!
>>> Boycott Coordinator
>>> 614-746-1145
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> In Solidarity,
> Micah Ehler
> Unite HERE!
> Boycott Coordinator
> 614-746-1145
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In Solidarity,
Micah Ehler
Unite HERE!
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