ďIt is a tedious, labor intensive job. Name one in healthcare that isnít.Ē

Hospital admiministrator comes to mind. *|:-)


On Feb 8, 2011, at 12:00 PM, Nancy Williams wrote:

And this is why you people are so tied up in knots. I would think you could tell I was trying to lighten you up a little with my panus humor. But some of you just donít seem like jovial people to me, but you know what they say about opinions J
So  here it is- you can keep crying about injury and trying to sell us your equipment or you can be advocates for common sense. Talk to your doctors, talk to your patients, talk to your technologists. For Godís sake use your heads. I need another $6,500.00 ergonomic table like I need a panus sling!  
These studies should not be long and complex. You are looking for reflux-not gold! Find your vein, map your vein, move on! You donít get paid anymore for leaving your vertebra on the floor. Take care of your patients and take care of yourselves. And if youíre getting career ending injuries from doing an ultrasound than you are not doing something right. Youíve got to look out for yourself because it sounds like maybe your employers are not. I am very fortunate to not have that problem. My guys are awesome.
I am not trying to make light of on the job injuries, but to the man, every person Iíve ever known who injured themselves was doing something they knew was wrong! No matter how you slice it 140 pounds is never going to move 600! And as far as chronic injury goes, ultrasound isnít for everyone. It is a tedious, labor intensive job. Name one in healthcare that isnít.


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