The length of any study is always going to depend on the protocol, and how diligent the tech is to find every perforator that is refluxing (if part of the protocol)  I find these to be pretty long studies, since the variation of anatomy always seems to rear its ugly head.  I use a standing Duplex as my gold standard reflux test, but have found a table that almost completely elevates the patient to a standing position, but offers strap and head rest so that I don't find myself in a situation where the patient can't complete the study, or passes out on me (oh yeah).  What ever I do, I do with ergonomics in mind for every test. I am getting old, and darn it, the old arms don't seem to be as resilient as they use to be.  :)

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 I have to stand by my statement. If you need to purchase new equipment you are doing too much. First off if your patient weighs 600 pounds there is very little a reflux study is going to do to help him as this is obviously the least of his problems and if you’ve been in the field any time at all I hope you will tell your doctors these morbidly obese patients can and do open back up.

Why are you not getting your patients to reflux in reverse Trendelenburg? I have very little difficulty getting my patients to reflux. If I have a bad leg that is not refluxing I will stand them. I sit on a low stool have them raise their leg and place it on a stationary stool. Both my chair and my work station are adjustable. I am not laying in the floor. Never have, never will. But, I’ve only been in the field for 20 years and never missed a days work, so what do I know?

 A panus sling? Are you kidding me? If you are inventing new ways to break your neck this should just about do it. Come on people, use some common sense. You must, absolutely must, take care of your body, as it is your livelihood. But you’re going to do it with your brain -not a $15,000.00 table.




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