So the general sonographer needs some down to earth tips and tricks.  We are teaching ourselves RAS and making our own hx sheets.  yikes (doesn't even begin to cover it)  so I could use some simple answers, like: Do you do a full renal study first and then do the vasc part?  Must we include the bladder pre and postvoid?  Are the hx questions the same as on abd/renal (like hematuria? N&V? etc)Will I see the string of pearls with color or only on angio?  Oh my gosh I can go on and on. Will it always take more than an hour? Should they only be done first thing in the AM? Does gas-ex really make a difference? If I don't see the mid renal A at all can I still get some kind of diagnoses?  Well, you guys start firing them back and if you want to fax me your favorite hx sheet that would be a bonus!  248-937-5020 attn Elizabeth/Ultrasound  tanks a million
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