From CMS:
Medicare covers this one-time screening ultrasound if you get a referral for it 
as a result of your "Welcome to Medicare" physical exam. You must receive 
the physical exam and the screening ultrasound referral (not the ultrasound 
exam itself) within the first twelve months you have Medicare Part B.

The code is G0389 -- Ultrasound, B-scan and/or real time with image 
documentation; for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening

This is crosswalked from the general ultrasound code 76775, but allows 
payment without clinical indication (and helps CMS count how many of these 
are done). 
SVU, SVS and the other National Aneurysm Alliance members are still working 
to remove some of the limitations for availability of this test. For instance, 
eliminating the Welcome To Medicare requirement and making the screening 
available to anyone 65-75 as a one-time beneft, and allowing women without 
family history to be eligible. 

Bill Johnson's link posted previously is a great summary of the SAAAVE Act 

Dave Parlato
SVU Advocacy Chair

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