Hello Flownetters,
I am working on creating a standard for critical results reporting. I was wanting to find out what others have implemented in their labs as their standards for turn around time for reporting. Do you have a separate procedure for critical results or is the standard the same for all exams and results? If you do, is this standard set by the hospital and used throughout, or from within the lab itself and not a hospital standard. Also, do you have a process in place for contacting the physician? And when you are unable to contact the physician. Unfortunately some of the labs I have spoken with have not had a formal policy and procedure for this, as it is may not be a recurrent issue in need of revamping procedures. I realize this may be more geared towards the hospital setting but any input will be appreciated.
I have read the publication in JVU from last December, but still wanting to know of what different policies and procedures individual labs have put in place.
Thanks ahead of time.
Edward T. Stutzman, BS, RVT
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