The Horned Lark looks like it's suffering from avian conjunctivitis or avian pox, hard to decide 
on the basis of the photos. I googled it and came up only with references to house finches, 
no mention anywhere of horned larks being affected. Here is a link discussing the disease:

It's probably not a good idea to involve a bird rescue org, as the disease, if that's what it is, 
spreads rapidly  and  would put other birds in that facility at risk. The virus is passed on in 
droppings and could easily be picked up by birds feeding together.  Therefore it would 
probably be advisable for Agway to stop feeding the birds for now. 

But I am not an expert. The only experience I have had with the conjunctivitis was with a 
house finch at my feeder. I cleaned the feeder as recommended and have not seen any 
other sick birds. 

Hilke Breder
Brattleboro, VT

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Cynthia Crawford
Norwich, Vt.


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Subject: Horned Lark-sick?

We went to see the Snow Buntings and Horned Lark (s) at Agway in Walpole
N.H. yesterday. There were 136 Snow Buntings , 30 House Sparrows, 2
Red-tails, a Northern Mockingbird and one Horned Lark.  We got really clo=
se to the Lark- it was alone and picking at some brush.  After I got home
an= d processed my photos, I realized this was probably a sick or injured

If anyone goes over there (Just across the river from Westminster, Vt.,
south on Rt, 12), please look for this bird.

Is there any rescue/rehab in that area?

Here are photos:

I hope someone can help.
Please also forward to N.H. bird if you belong? Although I get the digest=
, I can't seem to find out how to post anything.

Cynthia Crawford
Norwich, Vt.