Last week, three or four RPs dropped in on my feeders just for the day. 
  This morning, there were 8.  Now there are about 25, near as I can tell.

Nowhere near your numbers, but one is forced to wonder whether they go 
off for a few days to round up all their friends and relations and bring 
them back because they never seem to arrive initially in large flocks, 
just one or two or three.  And then the deluge...

Hungry little guys!  And if you can get outside and be still for a 
while, you can hear those wonderful whiny little contact calls.


On 2/21/2011 3:39 PM, Richard Harlow wrote:
> We have had between 70-120+ Common Redpolls and 2 Hoary Redpolls since
> 0700 this AM. They have been covering our platform feeder and all over
> the ground feeding on blown thistle seed. They fly in, feed for 3-7
> minutes, suddenly fly off , then come back in spurts, then fly away for
> awhile, then back again. This type of behavior all day. Wonderful sight
> on a beautiful COLD day.
> Richard Harlow
> Arrowhead Lake
> Milton, VT