I agree with KIm.  Please stop filling everyones mail box with "thank you matilda" and "good point sam."  If it is intended for one person please send that email to one person.  Thank one and all for allowing me to vent.

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Subject: [VTBIRD] birdspam
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Date: Saturday, February 5, 2011, 7:35 AM

I love the birders' listserve and always look forward to reading about what people are seeing. Recently, however, there have been many, many messages that are really just from one person to one person. It's easy to reply to one person. Just click on that person's address (on the "From" line of the incoming e-mail) and copy it to the "To" line of the e-mail you'll be sending. If you hit "reply" automatically, everyone on the list opens what is essentially a private message.


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