This is an interesting list. I had occasion to visit the Charleston (SC) Museum in November. They advertise themselves as America's oldest museum. John Bachman was a minister at the Lutheran Church in Charleston and Audubon spent a good deal of time there with him. Anyway, the museum has an exhibit of bird skins that includes Bachman's Warbler, Carolina Parakeet, Passenger Pigeon, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and many others. Not like seeing the real thing in nature to be sure, but.......

Bruce MacPherson
South Burlington

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And Ivory Billed Woodpecker!

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For me, this question always seems a little bit loaded because if you really 
want to, and can afford to do so, you can see the birds most people want to 
see.  But for the true naturalist that lives within us all, there are 
those birds you really wish you could have seen.  My list would be:
1. Passenger Pigeon
2. Carolina Parakeet
3. Bachman's Warbler
4. Eskimo Curlew
And that only covers Eastern N. America.
Rick Enser, Braintree

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I was asked these questions by a novice birder and I am wondering if there is a 
consensus in the birding world (at least of Vermont).
1) What are the top five birds most sought after by bird enthusiasts and where 
do these enthusiasts go to see them?
Please provide an answer for:
  a) overall US
  b) East coast
  c) West coast
  d) Vermont
2) what are the top five birds that bird lovers crave seeing, world-wide?

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