Hello Ian and All,

I am flapping my wings!  A very white Hoary Redpoll was a standout at the
feeder behind our house just a few minutes ago.  I have a so-so photo
showing how white the bird is underneath with almost no visible striping.  I
watched the bird for at least 10 minutes with my binocs and, since it was
perched I had a good look at the absolutely white undertail coverts but I
was unable to catch them in a photo.  It was side-by-side with the Common
Redpolls, a chunky bird.  It flew and then returned so I  could see how the
back looked washed in white.   Ted Murin, if you are reading this, you are
right.  This bird was different enough to have knocked my socks off, had I
been wearing them. 

                Thanks Ian for helping us bird this morning.  And thanks,
Tyler for encouraging extra scrutiny with your post.

                For those of you who do not know where my house is, I am 5 
miles west of Middlebury on Route 23 and the map marker is for Lutra Farm.
My house, garage and shed are tan and are on the south side of the road.
Number 5431.  Feel free to park in our driveway and visit the feeders.
Feeders on three sides of the house.

Happy Birding.

Barbara Brosnan,     Weybridge