I just checked Rutland County's CBC results that started with National's  
75th count.  There are 12 records of Wilson's Snipe, the largest number of  
individuals being three, usually singles, as well as one record on Count  
Week.  All records as I recall came from the same general area and in  some 
cases the same drainage ditch!
Roy Pilcher
The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland,  Vermont

Speaking the same language.  

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Hello  all,

I am posting this report on behalf of Jim Andrews.

After  reading the reports of Snipes being seen in Bennington County 
earlier this  winter I've started looking for appropriate seeps or 
streams here in  Addison County as candidate winter habitats for Snipes 
as well.  Glad  to discover that Jim plowed through all the deep snow and 
shrub thickets  to follow the stream he describes  below.


Fellow birders, I have been meaning  to tell you about my Snipe sighting.  
As you know, the little stream that  runs out of the fish hatchery here in 
Salisbury stays open all winter and it  is not unusual for a Kingfisher or 
Great blue heron to overwinter along  it.  On the warm day (Thursday, Feb. 17) 
I walked down to the stream  after lunch and flushed a Wilson's Snipe from 
the stream west of Smead  Road.  I have never seen a Snipe in the winter.  
We did get one at  least once on the X-mas bird count but that was very 
unusual.  I don’t  know if this bird returned early or has overwintered here.

Made my day,  along with the 53 degree temperatures.

James S. Andrews
Vermont  Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project
642 Smead Road
Salisbury, VT   05769
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