Forwarding to the NAHRS, INANE, and nrsinged lists - please pardon
duplication if already sent to NAHRS (gmail doesn't show duplicatemessages
sent to other lists).  Thanks to Paul for finding and sharing.  There are
other NAHRS members on the INANE and nursing education list, but not many.
Note that not all nursing journals require APA, per our preliminary nursing
editor journal survey results.  Final results will be presented at the INANE
meeting in August, and some results will be included in our poster at
MLA:  Practice
what we preach: Collaborative research for evidence-based collection
development.  (Mapping and Journal project participants will be queried soon
for additional information for the poster)

Note that the NAHRS wiki has a section on APA - I hope someone can take time
to add this article and Blog.  See

Thanks again - Peg
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I thought you would be interested in this editorial, "Evidence-Based
Guidelines for Avoiding the Most Common APA Errors in Journal Article
Submission". <

The authors of this article posted a guest editorial on the APA style blog
on January 6, available at:<

Of course this list can be applied to issues with student papers in APA.

I think the Nursing Educators list and INANE would be interested in this
information, but I am not on those listervs!


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