Hello, list -

I received two responses to my previous question this week about managing ebooks through approval plans. Thanks to the respondents:

From an academic librarian:
We've been buying ebooks through our approval plan for the past few months.  While we haven't set any firm policies, our general practice has been to:

*         Favor e over print

*         If the book is purchased (one time cost with continuing access) buy only e

*         If the book is subscribed to (e.g. StatRef, MD consult where you pay every year and only have access to most current edition) buy print as well particularly for BH and DCT titles

From a hospital librarian:
I have not used an approval plan for e-books, but our policy is to buy all books in the e-book format if it is available.  Around here the print books do not get used at all and the e-books are used extensively.

Beth Ketterman, MLS
Collection Development & E-Resources Librarian
Laupus Health Sciences Library
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC  27834