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Tell your story... so far we have had someone from systems, public services, a hospital librarian and academic librarians.  Where are the fantastic librarians I know that are using a form of elevator speech or consistent message to show your value to those you meet!  Borrow a smart phone or a digital camera and share your message with your colleagues!!!  If you have a large vide file to send please contact me directly and I will share a dropbox folder you can put it in!!!!!!!
Share Your Elevator Speech at MLA '11

Have you ever found yourself on the elevator with major players at your institution and wanted to communicate how the services your library provides can benefit them? "Revitalize Your Message" at MLA '11 will showcase tried-and-true examples of descriptions of medical librarians' different roles. The program will include video submissions from those attending and those who cannot attend.

All videos that meet the length requirement will be posted on the Cancer Librarians Section YouTube Channel.
The top 3 videos, as determined by a peer-review panel and those attending the session, will receive prizes:

* First prize: Barnes and Noble NOOKcolor
* Second prize: $50 gift card from Barnes and Noble
* Third prize: $25 gift card from Barnes and Noble

Videos must be sent and the form completed by February 23, 2011.

For more details contact Stephanie Fulton for more information.

Sponsored by Cancer Librarians Section. Co-sponsors: Public Health/Health Administration Section, Leadership and Management Section, Library Marketing SIG, Medical Library Education Section, Molecular Biology and Genomics SIG, New Members SIG.

Send videos to: mlacls2011 AT

Complete form at:

Video Guidelines

Videos must be no longer than three minutes. Elevator speeches should be no more than 30-60 seconds of the video. Spend the remaining time quickly describing the reception of your elevator speech. Videos must be in Apple QuickTime Movie .mov, AVI Format .avi, Windows Media Format .wmv, or MPEG Format .mpg or .mpeg formats. You can film your elevator speech and comments on your iPhone or other mobile device. Informal videos are fine but please ensure that there is adequate lighting and that you are clearly audible on the video. Videos over three minutes will not be reviewed for inclusion in either the 2011 MLA Cancer Librarians Program session or the Cancer Librarians YouTube Channel after MLA.

We encourage larger libraries with many hospital and other smaller libraries around to host a Recording Day. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is encouraging librarians to bring their speeches and reflections to their research medical library on January 14, 2011. They will record the videos and give a copy of the video to the person. That individual will have to actually submit the video. However, keep in mind that the videos do not need to be studio productions.  Good lighting and sound and meeting the other guidelines are the only technical requirements. The speech and how the message was received are the more important parts of the video judging criteria.

Interested in learning more about revitalizing your message?  Explore the resources on elevator speeches bookmarked at These resources include tools for creating an elevator speech and the positive and negative reasons for using an elevator speech.  
Want to see an elevator speech? View Julie Esparza's elevator speech She uses this message when new faculty, residents and medical students join the internal medicine team each month.