Dear all,

I'm stumped trying to find historical U.S. vaccination statistics.  A patron is looking for vaccination rates beginning around 1920 (or the earliest date a vaccine began being used) for more or less any vaccine.  Ideally, she'd like a national estimate, but she'll take information by region and/or by disease.  This is what I've tried so far:

Article databases using a search strategy of (vaccination OR immunization OR inoculation) AND (statistics OR rates)

 *   Web of Science
 *   IndexCat
 *   PubMed

                * National Immunization Survey - Datasets and Related Documentation (back to 1995)
                * National Health Interview Survey
                * Vaccines & Immunization - Statistics and Surveillance

                * Immunization surveillance, assessment and monitoring - Data, statistics and graphics
                * Global Health Observatory Database (formerly WHO Statistical Information System - WHOSIS)

I told the patron she'd probably have to look for state and other local, such as county, information, searching state-by-state, and county-by-county.

If you know of any sources for this information, I'd be grateful to learn of them!  Please note that she does not need disease statistics; she already has what she needs on that front.


Deb Werner
Biomedical Reference Librarian
The John Crerar Library
The University of Chicago
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