At 09:29 AM 2/16/2011, Justin Woods wrote:
>Ouch.  Corneal abrasions can indeed hurt like a mo-fo -- My worst was from a
>rock ricochet while whacking weeds.  Remember, kids: always wear your safety

Over the years we've had two cats loose an eye to the massive 
infection that resulted from serious corneal scratches.

>Here are some other things I don't like to hear:
>--"Can I see you in my office -- it's important."
>--"I'm sorry, sir, it says insufficient funds."
>--"Papa, I just peed a little bit."
>--"Your license and registration please, sir?"
>--"You have something green in your teeth."
>--"This will only pinch a little bit."
>--"Turn and cough."
>--"Honey, how come we don't spend any quality time together anymore?"
>--"It's the ball-joint."
>--"We only have decaf."
>--"I'm sorry, but this flight is over-booked."
>--"Yep, that's black mold."
>--"Excuse me, but is that a chicken in your pants...?"
>I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.

Uh, not too sure about that last one...
...but we can add:

--"OK. Now you're going to feel a little pressure...."
--"Uh....these anchors are kinda sketch - don't fall."


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