Yeah, we missed you out here this year, Roger. Maybe next year?

Paul T., our 100 days-per season backcountry hero :

Paul's timing for this trip was impeccable. He left New England just
as conditions were heading south, and showed up here just as we ended
a 6 week-long snow drought; I think he brought some New England snow
with him.

Conditions this weekend couldn't have been better. There was a foot or
more of light powder sitting on a forgiving rain crust. The skiing was
fast, yet soft. Trail-breaking was easy.

Today was spent in Burn #1. No need to travel further to Burns #2 and
#3 because there were no other tracks, old or new. Few tracks we seen
during any of our travels this weekend. I think Boise b-c skiers have
packed it in for the season, which is a real shame. Oh well, more
fresh snow for us.

All pics from today can be found here:

Denis, you're welcome here any time the snow in the Wasatch is too deep.


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