At 06:10 AM 2/22/2011, roger Klinger wrote:
>I actually had that happen to me 5 mornings in a row one year.

It can in a huge multi-day storm cycle, when the road is closed for 
avi control every morning. However, even in those cases, UDOT always 
tries for an 8am road opening. So as I said, the times when 
interlodge is lifted (and lifts are running and loading) but the road 
is still closed for a time are not that frequent.

>I remember being at the Cirque as the rope dropped for the first 
>time in five days.  I did not see a thing until the bottom of the 
>bowl.  One of the most memorable runs of my life.

That of course is something totally different - being in the right 
place at the right time for a rope drop - and has nothing to do with 
the road being open or not.


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