This week is the worst of our season.

What's remarkable about that statement is that the skiing is pretty damn
fine right now.

Today, I headed up to an area that I was once Obsessed with, but hadn't
visited since February or March 2007.  I had stayed away for a couple of
reasons.  First, because snow pack at low elevation has been thin the past 3
winters.  Second, having not been skied or maintained, 4 of my 5 favorite
lines on the mountain had fallen into the clutches of large downed trees and
rapidly growing puckerbush and raspberry.

Still, there is one run that is so wide open and so covered with ferns that
it will be a long, long time before it becomes unskiable.  Acres and acres
of widely spaced paper birches stretch to both sides of any line you choose,
making it impossible to pick a bad line, no matter where you start.
 Unfortunately, in the few times during the past 3 years when the snow has
been deep enough, I avoided this area because it is too low angle for deep

Which makes it perfect for right now.  Two or three inches lying on a
completely carveable crust that is several feet thick make Easy Glade as
perfect as the number 6.

Low Angle=Boring?  Not when there are a ton of dips and rolls and
whoop-de-whoops.  Opportunities to play with g-forces abound when banking
turns off all the little hills, and catching little bits of air can be
exciting when you don't know just how slick that land is going to be.   Add
to this brilliant blue skies and exposure to the sun, and you have the
makings of a good good time.

I wish all our worst weeks were just like this.

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