The snow report said something about how we were "previously blessed with
great snow, but now the skiing was classic new England, and that's what made
us tough".  It wasn't very appetizing.  Unfortunately, today was likely the
only time I could get my kids to the holy land this season, their first
time, unless march is nonstop 2 foot dumps.  With that said, they choose MRG
over mount snow without hesitation.  I must be raising them right.


Skiing was wonderful.  Somehow I've never had a bad day there.  Lump on top,
my kids first single ride, their exploring the mountain, and my daughter,
the timid one, deciding that lower antelope, marked 'experts only' was her
favorite run, and how could it be bad?  Some of the flatter terrain was
fairly icy, though where it was groomed was very nice.  The trails with
bumps, were firm, but very edge able, as only natural snow can be given the
recent weather. (A certain southern resort has been working very hard to
recover, doing very admirably, including blowing snow, but it still does not


I am amazed at how complacent I have become skiing down south.  Simple
things like riding the lifts;  My daughter commented on how beautiful it was
riding the double, I had to agree.  My son asked if I liked the MRG lifts
because you could have a conversation on the lift. Shortly thereafter, my
son pestered me to take him to paradise, as a Dad, how could I resist.  I
had more fun skiing the woods between fall line and paradise, than almost
anything else I skied today, much less the last week. I realized I have been
away too long, (kids will do that) but given that my kids decided the 2.5
hour one way drive was worth it, its likely returning more frequently will
be possible.




P.S., Denis, keep on posting.  I am envious of your powder, but vicariously
enjoying your trip.



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