I guess I should complain that we need more fresh snow, but the fact that 
the base is consolidated, deep, firm, and mostly consistent has us skiing 
anywhere the trees and schwack give room to run. It may be a few inches of 
powder on hard snow, but go anywhere you like; you can always get an edge 
in, so why complain? All this sunshine has me ok about the cold and wind, too, 
as long as you think of somehwere interesting to ski.

Julie had asked about the Steeple trail the other day, so after some 
President's Day tree runs (Bypass glades untracked, Hazelton scratchy) we 
headed off to do a long tour, and explore the historic valley where VT skiing 
got really started. Down the Bruce we went, and once again I was happy to 
have new skis with rocker, fresh edges, and a base that hasn't been abused 
yet. I have to say that these rockered boards have brought me up a 
notch...the improvement is control reminds me of when the first plastic tele 
boots, or when the first Jaks came out...when suddenly the tele-floppers were 
charging around changer, for sure. Good thing, cuz as I close in 
on 50, I need all the help I can get!

Our little 3 hour tour kept us focused due to the cold temps, and the wind hit 
us here and there, but we kept our heads down and focused on traversing 
through beautiful hardwoods. It did feel like forever though, as we traversed 
and climbed all along the Burt, Underhill, and finally Steeple Trails. On the final 
steep struggle up the last pitch, I thought I finally was going to see Julie cry, 
but she is a tough VT girl, and didn't give me that satisfaction.

The down run consists of a mixed pitch, double fall line in spots kinda old style 
run. The funky hard base with a inch or two of pow kept us on our toes, but 
the wind had blown in more snow in spots, and or course, it was completely 
untracked, being hours from anywhere. All that work, and it was over too 
soon, and we spit out onto the touring groomer and slid south to 108, where 
we  found ourselves at the Matterhorn, eating some sushi and washing it all 
down with some Switchbacks,

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