Yay Denis!  You are one of my heroes.  It does get better doesn't it?  This is my 51st season skiing, and I've had some of the best days ever.

Rip it up for me.

On Feb 26, 2011, at 9:47 PM, Denis Bogan wrote:

Yesterday 2/25 was probably the best ski day of my life. I thought it couldn't get any better than Mon, Presidents Day when the First Tracks article and pictures were posted. It got better. On 2/24 there had been a nasty sun crust on the W & SW exposures. 2/23 had been a great day with easy easy turns. But the late afternoon sun had apparently wet the surface just enough to make crust overnight. The big storm started the evening of 2/24 and next morning the 6AM Alta report said 6" new. I considered a rest day since a 30-40" total was expected over several days. The road was closed until 8:30. I took the 8:00 bus and waited, and waited for the road opening. Finally got there at 9:40 and placed my skis in a rack before going inside to boot up. Holy crap! It was 12-18" deep and coming down hard.

Every run was untracked. It was easy to find. I was pushing a bow wave of snow that broke over my thighs half the time and over my chest the other half. It got better and better and hammered down all day. In early afternoon the wind suddenly began to roar and all the snow in the trees came free, sandblasting faces and causing total white out. I usually quit at 1, eat lunch and take the 2:00 bus down. I skied til 3, then discovered that the road had closed at 1:30. Fearing an Interlodge restriction, I went to the Snowpine lodge and secured a bed for the night plus dinner & breakfast. There was no interlodge and the road reopened at 5; still I was happy to be where I'd get first tracks in the morning and have no hassle with the bus. Besides, the people who stay at those lodges are very dedicated, very good skiers, with wonderful stories. There was interlodge this morning that lifted at 9. Nobody arrived by the road until 10:30. It was all ours. Worth every penny of what I paid for a room. At 11 I realized the legs were gone even though the brain wanted more. It was snowing hard again and I decided discretion was the better part of valor and took the early bus down. This could get to be too much for an old fart!
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