Friday 19 Feb
It snowed 2+ ft Thursday night, on top of the 2+ft the previous 2 days.  We went to Heavenly and had about 15th chair on the face.  The first few runs were as steep and deep as you could wish.  But then it was gone.  This was the first snow since early January plus it was a holiday weekend, so everyone was going for it.  By about 11 the whole mountain was cut up.  We tried it all, Palisades, Firebreak, Railey's, and the gondola line.  Even our usually reliable areas had tracks.  There was so much snow it was still wonderful skiing, but nevertheless it was disappointing.  I've been called a spoiled brat for that, but there it is.

Sunday 21 Feb
We skinned up Waterhouse Peak at  Luther Pass on the south shore of Tahoe.  It's about 1500' vertical with about 1200' of well pitched fluffy powder tree skiing.  The slope is thickly wooded which protects the snow from the sun, so there was no crust.  The trees are the large Sierra pine variety, which means they are well apart by Vermont standards.  About 2 hours up, 10 minutes down, including the somersault when I missed a landing.  But who cares in powder that deep?

Monday 22 Feb
We did the Gardnerville run off the back of Heavenly's Monument Peak.  5500' continuous vertical.  The snow had set up a bit from the previous 2 days sun, so there was a soft crust on all but the north facing slopes.  The north facing slopes had wonderful deep powder.  The bottom 1500' vertical is low angle and crusty, but the cover was so good we could easily go new places, which made it fun.  Often before we've had to walk out the last mile or so.  After the run down we hitchhiked up Kingsbury Grade back to Heavenly.  We didn't have to wait too long for rides, but there were 3 of us which slowed us down, so we only got 4 runs for the day.  The best were the drop from Killebrew Canyon's Thin Line and the drop from the north end of Porcupine Ridge.  There was lots of untracked, but like Friday, many more people than expected.  I've done this run maybe 10 times and saw more people today than in the previous times together.

Also, I skied on Voile Drifters.  They were wonderful as expected in powder, but a real surprise on the crust.  They're fat enough that I'd break through on just one edge, making turns at least possible.  I managed as well as the snowboarders I was with, which has not been the case before.
A note of the Drifters - mine came without inserts, which Voile insists are required for tele bindings.  But this is such a wide ski that I really doubt the holes will dangerously weaken the ski.  The real problem is that there is no metal layer to hold the screws.  So I drilled oversized holes, flared them out inside with a Dremel, then filled them with epoxy thickened with a high density filler.  Then I drilled proper size holes for the binding screws.  So far so good.  We'll see.

I've got some still photos, but the list serve rejects jpg enclosures.  What's the best way to show the images?

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