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>Friday through Sunday were days to try out a new setup.  Not much to report
>about the skiing itself, as it was goodgoodgood.  I will say that we spent
>Sunday at Smuggs, and I was wondering what happened to all the locals.  Amy
>and I were still skiing plenty of untracked inbounds at 3 in the afternoon.
> And I don't mean 3" of untracked.  I'm talking knee-deep from Friday's
>storm.  It seems like everyone is so busy rushing to the backbowls these
>days that they forget that there are two excellent mountains in-bounds.

If the Smuggs locals are like the Stowe locals, they've been avoiding the
resort like the plague during the President's week crowds.  All the regulars
came back out today after hiding from the crowds for the past 9 days.  And
the tourists don't really know what woods shots to ski or where any of the
goods are... so if you can brave the crowded base area, the more discrete
locals' glades went untouched a lot of the week.


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