We dodged a huge bullet today... no liquid precipitation.  It was primarily
sleet, mixed with snow at times.  1-2" of sand-like snow accumulated and
skied amazingly well... smooth and since it was dense (yet not wet) it felt
a lot deeper than 1-2".  My last run down at 3:15pm with Jimmy, Julie, and
Aaron featured awesome snow (boot deep where its gone untouched all weekend)
and not a hint of a crust.  Just smooth, soft snow.

Both snow plots had greater than 1", less than 2", but because we don't
report in tenths of an inch, Barnes Camp gets rounded down to 1" (estimated
at 1.25") and High Road goes in the books as 2" (estimated at 1.75").  Snow
depths are 31" and 55" respectively.

As we close the books on February... our monthly snowfall at both snow plots
is 50" at 1,500ft and 72" at 3,000ft.  This is probably slightly above
normal, but nothing outrageous.  I was surprised to find out that BTV set
its snowiest February on record (120 year record period) with 42.8", bumping
2008 into second place with 42.3".  Another crazy thing is that in that 120
year period, at least 4 of the top 10 February's occurred in the past 6
years.  February has been very good to the North Country lately, while those
March's have been equally awful and snowless. 

Since I've got the data in front of me, I might as well add our snowfall
from the other months (bottom to top of mtn):
November... 6" and 22"
December... 44" and 79"
January... 42" and 73"
February... 50" and 72"

Total so far... 142" and 246"

Last season's total snowfall at closing date in April was 246" so we already
have picked up the same amount of snowfall as we did all last season.

I'm sort of amazed at how consistent the snowfall has between December,
January, and February this year.  Each month is only within inches of each


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