We are pleased to welcome the following additional outstanding judges who will be joining us at USU 2011.

Those additional people interested in attending as a judge, please let us know

New additions:

We previously announced the attendance of the following judges:

  1. Lucas Caress, Vermont, USU semifinalist, WUPID finalist.

  2. Mandy Frank, Vermont, Cornell champion, broke at USU 2009.

  3. Ikey Gialapsos, Alaska, top speaker US Open 2010.

  4. Gavin Ilsley, UK, Euros champion, WUDC Masters finalist

  5. Eoin Kilenny, Ireland, judged WUDC 2010 finals.

  6. Leela Koenig, Netherlands, CA for Amsterdam Euros.

  7. Ciaran Lawlor, Ireland, DCA at Bangkok WUDC, Convenor WUDC 2006.

  8. Bojana Skrt, Slovenia, coach of teams in ESL semis & finals WUDC 2011.

  9. Simone van Elk, Nertherlands, DCA Galway Euros 2011, 2nd Speaker ESL WUDC.

Our preparations are continuing. We look forward to welcoming you here in Vermont.


Alfred Snider

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