With the cooperation of the International Debate Education Association 
top debates from the US Universities Debating Championship 1-2-3 April 
2011 will be streamed live to viewers from around the world.

During the preliminary debates the top three rooms will be streamed 
live, with the teams in each room clearly identified. On Sunday 3 April 
the elimination rounds will also be streamed, both semifinal debates and 
the grand final to be held in the Royall Tyler Theatre.

Friday 1 April (all times Eastern USA)
Round One 4 PM
Round Two 6 PM

Saturday 2 April
Round 3 9 AM
Round 4 11:30 AM
Round 5 2:30 PM
Round 6 5 PM

Sunday 3 April
Octafinals 9 AM
Quarterfinals 11:30 AM
Semifinals 2 PM
Finals 4:30 PM


See the USU website at http://debate.uvm.edu/debateblog/usu2011

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