Got low bandwidth? Can't make Internet debate videos work for you? Want sound files to listen to while you commute?


Try these.

During the World Debate Forum held in Botswana in January 2011 many African debate organizers said that they needed basic training materials, but that the poor conditions of local Internet connectivity made it difficult for them to use videos. As a solution, I volunteered to take a good number of our video training files and turn them into audio only, then organize them and make them available for download.

Thanks to the World Debate Institute and Debate Central for making this project possible.

Here are presentations from the World Schools Debate Academy, International Debate Academy, East Debate Institute, the World Debate Institute's world schools session and the Serbia Debate Academty.I have also included two WUDC format debates from the USA and two WSDC format debates from Europe. They are avaiulable as mp3 files. Download them, load them up in anymp3 player, and enjoy.

The categories include: General Debate Subjects, WUDC Format, WSDC Format. Both instructional lectures and sample debates are included. 41 sounds files are now available.
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