*Office of the President*

	March 17, 2011

/From:/// Daniel Mark Fogel, President
Jane Knodell, Provost

/To:/ The UVM Community

/Re:/*FY 2012 Budget Update - Clarification*

    On Tuesday, March 15, we sent out a memo to all faculty and staff
    regarding the FY 2012 budget. In that letter, we identified several
    broad strategic decisions to address our FY 2012 budget challenges.
    Among those administrative decisions that will form our
    recommendations to the Board of Trustees was to "Budget for 0%
    salary increases for all employees for FY 2012" as well as certain
    decisions regarding benefits.

    We wish to correct the record and make clear that the University has
    on-going collective bargaining obligations with the United
    Academics, United Electric Workers and Teamsters for the full time
    faculty and staff bargaining units that they represent. The three
    contracts for those units expire at the end of this fiscal year and
    thus we will be negotiating compensation and other matters for FY
    2012 with those unions.   No final decisions on compensations for
    those units have been made at this time.

    In addition, we also want to note that part time faculty represented
    by the UA are in the middle of their multi-year collective
    bargaining agreement and already have a negotiated raise for FY
    2012.  Thus, such part time faculty will be receiving a
    salary increase based on the terms of that contract.

    We apologize for any confusion caused by our Tuesday memo.


Daniel Mark Fogel, President
University of Vermont
85 So. Prospect St.
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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