Bird populations and numbers continue to change at the Champlain Bridge 

The drake and hen Barrow's Goldeneyes were right at the ice edge close 
to shore below the viewing site on Route 125.

There are substantially more Common Mergansers, whose movements and 
numbers make counting difficult.  There are well over 2000 today, 
perhaps many more than the 2400 average of three estimates by me at 
midday.  The American Wigeon and Redhead continue to keep close company, 
often with a Mallard.  The yellowish female Mallard is still present.

Location: Champlain Bridge

Observation date:     3/14/11
Number of species:     14

Canada Goose     2
American Wigeon     1
American Black Duck     16
American Black Duck x Mallard (hybrid)     1     Appearance very similar to illustration in Sibley field guide.
Mallard     135
Redhead     1
Lesser Scaup     5
Bufflehead     1
Common Goldeneye     85
Barrow's Goldeneye     2
Hooded Merganser     12
Common Merganser     2400     Counted several times.  Count was difficult due to much movement in water and many short, repositioning flights. Birds occupied an area approximately 50-60 acres in size.
Bald Eagle     1
Ring-billed Gull     62
Herring Gull     2

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