I was at the Champlain Bridge site today midday.  Numbers of Common 
Mergansers is obviously down from greater numbers recently, other 
species numbers are up and down almost by the hour it seems.  My count 
of the Mergansers was done with care twice.  I wonder if the American 
Wigeon, who has been overwintering at the site since January, has moved 
on with one or more of the recently arrived Wigeons ... none of whom 
have been seen the last couple of days.

It appears that Sue Wetmore arrived just after I left.  Janet Nelson 
joined me for a while.

Roy Pilcher and I have been conversing about the possible Barrow's 
Goldeneye female that is constant company of the male.  Thanks to a good 
silhouette in a picture taken by Roy we are now reasonably well 
convinced that it is indeed a Barrow's.

I had occasion, while giving a flight lesson, to overfly the location on 
Sunday.  From that perspective the vast majority of the birds are 
clearly on the Vermont side of the lake .... It is difficult to judge 
the location of the state line when viewing from Route 125.

My list is below.


Location:     Champlain Bridge
Observation date:     3/16/11
Notes:     Janet Nelson joined me for a while.
Number of species:     19

Canada Goose     11
Wood Duck     2
American Black Duck     21
Mallard     62
Ring-necked Duck     9
Greater Scaup     5
Lesser Scaup     9
Bufflehead     8
Common Goldeneye     112
Barrow's Goldeneye     2
Hooded Merganser     2
Common Merganser     1680
Double-crested Cormorant     4
Bald Eagle     1
Ring-billed Gull     16
Herring Gull     3
Great Black-backed Gull     1
American Crow     9
American Tree Sparrow     2

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