Actually, among decoy collectors coot decoys are very desirable, partly because they are uncommon. The Mason decoy factory (c. 1880-1910) manufactured a very collectable coot decoy, for example, too nice to put in the water, in fact. These are not to be confused with scoter decoys. Scoters are sometimes mistakenly referred to as "coot" on the south shore of Massachusetts.

Your sighting, though interesting, emphatically should not count in the County Quest, however. Nice reminder of the pitfalls of bird identification, though. Keep up the good work.

Bruce MacPherson
South Burlington

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OK, I am on Rt 67 in N. Bennington past Lake Paran Rd. A thin, curvy not a good 
place to pull over stretch. I look at a small pond near the road and see what 
very much looks like a coot. All excited I go up and pull on a side street to 
get my camers set up and turn around. I pull over, sort of and get a closer look 
through my binos as it didn't seem right. A DECOY. Who puts out a coot decoy. 
Well it worked if they were trying to attract foolish birders. Kevin (not Marie 
as she wouldn't have fallen for this)